Your finishing touch ! MEEIS was founded by a group of senior professionals with more than 15 years in the fashion brand and media industry. Since 2012, we have been contacted with some fashion jewelry designer brands. These brands are niche and unqiue, most of them are designer studios, participate in global fashion weeks, and sell in different buyer stores around the world. At that time, we were working on the upgrading of clothing collocation in the media and celebrities. We found that these fashion jewelry were really the “finishing touch” of the styling, making the whole styling full of creativity.

Since 2013, We have established a SHOWROOM dedicated to fashion jewelry, and started coperations with these designers from all over the world to promote their works to media, celebrities, fashionistas, stores, websites, and to interact directly with consumers. From 2013 to 2022, we cooperated with more than 100+ designers, 3000+ buyer stores, 200+ celebrities, and 2000+ fashionistas.

In 2022, we have decided to build a global-oriented website MEEIS, which will bring together more than 100+ designers and 1000+ single products to set up a platform for consumers (our creative partners together) to share and communicate.

This is a collection of designers, artists, and creators. Designers + craftsmen + consumers + photographers + models + celebrities. Everyone is an artist. Everyone admires the artistic talents of others from the bottom of their hearts. Everyone has a free soul and great curiosity. We show our artistic and aesthetic talents. We believe in the power of imagination. Together, we express ourselves and stimulate each other's creativity to create a valuable art form.